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An alien mind
A giant, giant guide to Kagerou Project for beginners


written by Emma (haiiro-no-suiyoubi.tumblr.com)

April 14th update: This guide is getting a lot of notes again so I want to warn people who might be reading this after being curious about the first episode of Mekakucity Actors. This guide will contain spoilers for Mekakucity Actors. If that doesn’t bother you and you want to learn all about Kagerou Project, by all means, continue reading! But if you don’t want to learn about things that have not yet been shown in the anime, be very cautious of this guide. I will do a proper update of the whole thing after the anime is finished, but for now I’m not changing anything.—

Hello there! If you’re interested in getting into Kagerou Project (often shortened to just “KagePro”) this guide is going to be here to hold your hand through what you’ll need to know to join the fandom. This guide is not meant to be a compilation of facts about Kagerou Project, but a guide to those who don’t know where to start in the series and basically a roadmap through literally all of it. Now, if at any time you get really confused and don’t feel like you can move on, you’re always welcome to send me a message on tumblr and I’ll try to help you out personally! I can’t guarantee that I’ll respond immediately (sleep, school, time zones, etc.) but I’ll certainly do my best to give you a good answer as soon as I see it. It would also help if you provide me some context with your questions, like where you are in the guide, so that I can decide if it’s something you’re supposed to be shown later.

And if you’re already a Kagepro fan, you can send this guide to any friends you would like to join the fandom! That’s why I’m writing this, after all. Also feel free to read this over and let me know if I missed something important, or got any facts wrong. Let’s begin!

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